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1813 Olde Homestead Lane, Suite 105

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10:00 AM Wed, May 03, 2023

Get to know more about your neighbor at Greenfield, Acadia Inc., located at 1813 Olde Homestead Lane, Suite 105


About Acadia: 

Acadia is a home-and-community based provider of day treatment and residential rehabilitation services for adults with post-acute brain injury and other neurological conditions. Our program participants usually have long-term care needs, and benefit greatly from inclusion in a community-integrated program that helps them maintain the skills they need to live as independently as possible. We seek to provide the quality of care that we would want for ourselves and our loved ones, and work to enhance growth and life satisfaction for our participants and our employees.  


We have been tenants in Greenfield for more than 30 years, with our corporate office and clinical day treatment program located at 1813 Olde Homestead Lane. We also have several apartments and a town home in the Bentley Ridge community, and an apartment in the Greenfield Estates community.  


What does your company like most about Greenfield?  

Our participants and our employees love the environmental beauty of Greenfield Park, and the outdoor activities that High sponsors here. The new walkways throughout the park are an asset that we use daily! Our leadership team benefits from the bi-monthly, free training events at the S. Dale High Leadership Center. Staff love the weekly yoga sessions too! 


How does your company connect and engage with the Lancaster Community?  

Acadia seeks to be an asset to the Lancaster community. We offer a monthly support group for those who have or love someone with brain injury. We participate in the IU13’s BrainSTEPS program, which assists educators and families with a child returning to a public school after a brain injury. We are also a consumer of services offered by others living in Lancaster; for example, we take a group of our participants each week to CrossFit Uncompromised for workout sessions customized to meet their mobility needs. We have providers of animal therapy bring therapy pets to the clinic. We often invite members of the community who have a skill that can be shared with our participants to come in to facilitate an activity; for example, local theater groups and martial arts instructors. We take our participants to the annual Tim Tebow Foundation “Night to Shine” event at Spooky Nook, where they meet and mix with other adults with disabilities. 


What Else?

Acadia is always looking for caregivers to join our team as direct-care professionalsWe offer excellent training, support, and growth opportunities to members of our team


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