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1706 Hempstead Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

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10:00 AM Wed, October 25, 2023

Get to know more about your neighbor at Greenfield, Bosch Security Systems, located at 1706 Hempstead Road. 


About Bosch: 

Bosch Security Systems is responsible for the design and development of video security cameras that have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities.  Our goal is to help security professionals leverage our camera products, software, and services as a predictive solution so that they can respond before potential issues occur or leverage business intelligence beyond security. 

If you’re traveling along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it’s likely that you have driven past one of our roadside cameras.  The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission uses our cameras to monitor traffic flow and report conditions. 


What does your company like most about Greenfield?  

The sense of community.  There are always fun events and activities happening within Greenfield, as well as various enrichment trainingMany of our associates take advantage of the walking trails and sidewalks for a midday break. 


How does your company connect and engage with the Lancaster Community?  

Through the Bosch Community Fund, we are able to provide financial donations each year to various non-profits in the local Lancaster community. 


What Else?

We are part of the larger Robert Bosch organization; you may know our brand from things like appliances, power tools, or auto parts. 


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