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Greenfield Tenant Spotlight

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Greenfield Lancaster

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10:00 AM Tue, August 24, 2021

Get to know more about EMU Lancaster, Greenfield tenant since March of 1997! 


About EMU Lancaster: 

EMU at Lancaster is an adult-learning site that delivers innovative, partnership based undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in response to the demands and economic needs of our region and beyond. We've been doing this for more than 30 years, and our alumni serve in industries such as healthcare, education and more. 


What does your company like most about Greenfield?  

EMU Lancaster is excited to be a part of the community in Greenfield. Whether it's taking a walk on one of the beautiful paths, enjoying a bite to eat at one of the restaurants, or networking with other businesses located nearby, Greenfield provides a community of people and organizations serving our area.


How does your company connect and engage with the Lancaster Community?  

EMU Lancaster has an excellent reputation as a provider of a high quality affordable education. We partner with regional businesses and organizations to offer programs that are innovative, relevant, and in demand in the current marketplace including healthcare, leadership, and aviation.


What Else?

To learn more about EMU Lancaster, click here.