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About Greenfield

At the very heart of Lancaster County, Greenfield was born from hard work, optimism, and uncompromising ethics. Created over 50 years ago as the home of High Companies, Greenfield has grown into a destination for an eclectic mix of businesses to find their home, grow, and thrive. From start-ups to legacy companies, this is a community that welcomes ideas, innovation, and collaboration. A mixed-use property with a diverse blend of more than 200 local, regional, and international organizations, Greenfield is the premier location for life and work in Central Pennsylvania.


For over five decades, Greenfield has focused on making spaces that work—from 150-square-foot private office suites to 250,000-square foot manufacturing facilities to customized build-to-suit opportunities—Greenfield has prime real estate for retail, commercial, and industrial ventures.


But Greenfield is more than a place—it’s a community. Connected by the land, encouraged by the tenants, and inspired by Lancaster business giants, Greenfield has stood the test of time because of a commitment to growth, learning from setbacks, welcoming new insights, and building on successes.


Greenfield has a holistic vision of the future of the community that is shared, substantial, and sustainable. With established pillars focused on health and wellness, the environment, community, and education, Greenfield is excited to grow alongside Lancaster County.




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