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Greenfield is more than just a place. It's people.

We are a community of makers and doers who have come together to learn from each other, collaborate, and grow.

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We're Building a Future Together

Our mission is to cultivate an environment where people and businesses thrive to their fullest potential. This grew out of our desire to create a shared place that brings together diverse businesses, individuals and families.


This mission is put into action through various activities on campus that our tenants, residents, students, and the general public can enjoy. Each activity will be based around one of four pillars which define who we are as a community; Education, Health & Wellness, Community and Environmental. 

Learning & Development at Greenfield

Photo of instructor smiling in front of Greenfield sign.

Featured Program - Greenfield Grows

At Greenfield, we believe learning and growing have no end date. The Greenfield Grows program offers everyone in our community the opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate.

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Tenant Spotlight

TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC

Here at Greenfield, we believe in the individuals and firms that make up our community. Today, get to know more about your neighbor, TEAMCare Behavioral Health!

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