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1913 Olde Homestead Ln, suite 102

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10:00 AM Mon, December 18, 2023

Get to know more about your neighbor at Greenfield, Fontana Candle Company, located at 1913 Olde Homestead Ln, suite 102. 


About Fontana: 

Husband and wife team, Katie and Eric Roering, got a big name candle as a Christmas gift in 2017 and burning it in their home made them both feel sick. This candle started a journey into discovering that most conventional candles are full of synthetic chemicals - many of the same ones that are in pesticides, rubber, paint thinner, wart remover, and toilet cleaners. The Roerings lived a health conscious lifestyle, and realized that conventional candles should not be a part of a wellness lifestyle. Candle making became Eric’s new hobby, and he only wanted to use natural ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils. We became the first candle to be independently certified as non-toxic by MADE SAFE in 2019, and was named the Best New Natural Living Product in 2020 by the Natural Products Expo. Central Penn Business Journal named us an Emerging Business to watch in 2019. The ecommerce boom of 2020 really grew our business exponentially. We are now a team of 13, making and shipping our natural products all over the U.S. and Canada. 


What does your company like most about Greenfield?  

Greenfield gives us a beautiful place to do business, and as part of a larger community. Our team loves the walking paths and the ponds, and everyone is so friendly. We also love that as we continue to grow rapidly, Greenfield has options for us to continue to grow right here. 


How does your company connect and engage with the Lancaster Community?  

As an ecommerce company, the vast majority of our interactions are done online- to individuals across the country. Most of our customers are in Texas, Utah, California, and Florida. However, we love our local community and think Lancaster is a great place to do business! 


What Else?

Our team shipped over 30,000 orders this year! That’s a lot of toxic candles being replaced in the world! 


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